What Painful Pleasures

October 25, 2019



My life is too delightfully full of joy. After what we might call a turbulent 2018, 2019 has found my life settling into a delicate dance of scholastic endeavor, providership, personal fulfillment, artistic output, and, somehow, still doing the laundry. Over the course of the past eighteen months or so, I have experienced so much happiness, there has barely been time to breathe. It’s beginning to take its toll. My work-life-school balance is out of sorts with the totality coming well past one-hundred percent. Unfortunately, skipping the dishes isn’t an option but neither is turning in a mediocre performance with either my scholastic art or the art of companionship. As a recognition of the increasing scarcity of my time, starting January first, my rates will also be rising. Hopefully, this will allow me to continue to give the best experiences to my darling guests as well continue with the high-standard of artistic output I’ve set for myself. 


I am not promising to maintain anyone at my current rates after midnight January first, but if there’s ever been an opportunity for a chance at my benevolent side, these ten weeks are it. In support of that, I have trips scheduled every weekend in November with December currently open for fly-me-to-you dates. If you absolutely cannot make a date through the end of the year, I am happy to schedule 3+ hour bookings for next year with a full deposit.


Opportunity is 2019; don’t let hindsight be 2020.



November tour dates:

Chicago: 1st - 4th

Cleveland: 8th -11th

Minneapolis: 15th -18th

DC: 22nd - 25th

Montréal: 27th - December 2nd

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