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September 28, 2017



Five years, that's how long I've been at this. For half a decade I have been giving love in the best way I know how, and in return, I have been showered with more joy than I knew existed in the world. I have made friendships that outlasted my relationships and relationships that have outlasted my friendships. My opinions have gotten stronger and my judgements softer; all the while, my body has done both. My boundaries have never felt more secure even as rare guests have become friends and confidants. Never have I more seen myself as beautiful, and I hope it shows through in marketing which I feel has never been better.

With my elevated ability to love have come elevated expenses to pay. I remember as a child stealing makeup from drugstores, and now, I'm surprised if I don't break $1,500 a year at Sephora. The number isn't in front of me, but I suspect my hotels alone tally near sixty thousand dollars a year. No longer am I scraping by in well-curated-but-still-third-hand thrift store finds, but I am easily on the best-dressed list whenever I find myself at an opera, a Michelin-starred restaurant, or a formal political event. Those expenses have, of course, meant elevated costs.

Too, my wanderlust (and regular lust) have gotten the better of me. Over the past five months, I have spent nineteen days in Detroit. In some very real ways, I have abandoned the city that was my own Renaissance City. It made me who I am, gave me my start, and still houses a closet full of entirely too many fancy dresses. I've lost a lot of regulars in Motown - even the ones who were only able to see me once every month or two - due to my hectic travel schedule. The short trips back are rarely publicized anywhere but twitter. Four days in Detroit are hardly enough to mow my lawn and clean my gutters, much less go on dates, so I have posted, I think, exactly one Detroit ad in the past two years.

All of this adds up to having made myself fundamentally unavailable to some of my favorite guests in the world; I am either not in town or have priced them out. Honestly, I feel bad, but I simply haven't been able to justify either the time or the price when my returns are bursting with my personal life..

In celebration of my five years on the job, I've decided to neglect that thousand-dollar pen or fancy watch and instead give back to the city that means so much to me. While I've technically returned already, my calendar opens up starting on the first, and I'll be spending the next two weeks in Detroit hoping to rekindle lost flames. To aid in this, for the entire stay, on top of maintaining the more accessible rate structure for couples (it used to be +50%!), I'll be cutting my hourly to where it was when I started. America's Comeback City, indeed.

In love and charity,

If you mention this post while booking
Current Offerings:
Longer Engagements:
Anthology: an overnight stay; 1800
Trilogy: pass an entire weekend; 3000

Shorter Engagements:
Poetry: a brief, hour-long stay; 300
Short Story: a fleshed out ninety minutes; 430
Novelette: two hours of exposition; 550
Novella: three hours to whet most appetites; 800
Appendices: when you need one more chapter 200 per additional hour

Other Engagements:
Fan Fiction: social time out of the home; 150 per hour
Inter-Library Loan: travel within 30 minutes; please add 150
Co-Authorship: sharing with a loved one; please add 200

Handwritten Letters:
Each; 100
Packages of Four; 200



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