A Longer Road Ahead - On Snapchat

August 20, 2016


As I wind down two months of nearly continuous touring (do three-day stops back home really count?), I'm busying myself with getting ready for a journey of a much different sort. Some of you know, and if you've been following my twitter, you've likely heard at least in passing that I'm taking off on a long bicycle tour for September. If I'm lucky (and fit enough), I'll complete a loop of roughly 1,500 miles by October first. I've slowly been amassing gear from racks to spare cables, patch kits to solar panels, and sometimes I just lust after accessories like the Brooks panniers. As this is my first serious bike tour, I will be taking all of September off and perhaps the beginning of October as well.

Perhaps all this is to say that I won't be checking emails or texts or twitter. I will be effectively off the grid in all manner of ways that I've been traditionally available. Don't worry, though! I'm not leaving you completely in the dark. You may have seen me tweet photos from my Snapchat in the past. That account has been intensely personal and something I've only shared with my co-authors and a few,very close, civilian friends. I am, however, temporarily opening that up. If going a month without my smiling face is something you just can't bear, or if you really want to see what my days off are like (as dirty and road-weary as they'll be), then please let me know. I'll be offering up my Snapchat username/friendship for September only for $20 through the end of August. You will have access to all my snaps for the duration of this bike trip which, again, will likely be all of September and will be the only way I'll be keeping in touch until I return. Once I get back home and get back to my email and twitter accounts, I will be reverting my snapchat friendships to their current state.

To recap: $20 for my snaps in September, the only way to keep in touch during my bike tour. I will stop taking payments probably on August 31st. Email me for details.

See you on the road!

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