A Wild Swan's Tour

September 30, 2015

The warm weather has clung on desperately, but in the last twenty-four hours, Autumn has put Summer's things on the curb and changed the locks. I could endlessly romanticize the coming weeks for I've had the remarkable pleasure of spending so many autumnal months in Michigan which boasts a truly impressive display of deciduous fireworks. Instead, though, this year I'll be hitting the road for yet another tour in order to experience a different sort of fireworks altogether. It's been a pleasant stay at home, to be certain, and I truly wish I was staying longer. Yeats may think of these months as melancholy, but I'm going to be missing so many things I hold dear: the opening of the DIA's 30 Americans, half of the opera season, the Detroit Derby Girls' first games, Debussy's La Mer at the DSO, the peak of the fall colors, a Kurt Vile / Waxahatchee concert, and, of course, my regulars. But, as they say, the show must go on. I have been vaguely planning an east coast tour for a couple years now, and it was one of my goals for 2015. Unfortunately, missing all these things is the more palatable option than missing all the things I hold dear should I have pushed this tour back through December.

While I've been to nearly each of these cities, I have worked almost none of them. I look forward to fresh faces and new experiences. Whether my travels bring me to your home town, or your own travels bring you to one of my tour stops, I do hope you'll reach out to see what sort of autumnal fireworks we might create.


Chicago (downtown): October 15th and 16th
Chicago (O'Hare): October 18th and 19th
Miami: October 20th-22nd
Tampa: October 23rd-24th
Orlando: October 25th-26th
Atlanta: Dates TBD
Charlotte: Dates TBD
Washington, D.C.: Dates TBD
Baltimore: Dates TBD
Philadelphia: November 5th and 6th
Boston: November 7th-9th
Toronto: November 12th-15th (with Dillan Wolfe)
Ottawa: November 16th and 17th (with Delilah Sansregret)
Montreal: November 18th-25th

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