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August 27, 2015



I've authored a number of blogs and journals over the years from the LiveJournal clones DeadJournal and uJournal (back when LJ was invite only!) to various other platforms for various other professional and pleasurable pursuits. They all lasted for a time, and I suspect that, very similarly, this too will sputter in and out of existence.

See, I love to write; it's one of my purest forms of catharsis. I don't however suspect that I'll be wanting to use this space for that. I do find, though, that I get asked many of the same questions over and over. How long have I been trans? Is Detroit that bad? How did you get into providership? Maybe I'll use this space to answer these seemingly burning questions. Maybe I'l just tell you how excited I am for the future. Maybe I'll do some deep soul searching. Maybe I'll talk about my tour stops or just post photos. Ultimately, I don't know, and maybe that's the fun of it. Much to the above image, I don't promise it will be pretty, but I promise it will be honest even to the point of brutalism. So tune in (there's an RSS feed), give me a poke now and then, and I'll see what I can tell you about myself in more than 140 characters.

All my love,

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