Tour Schedules


Detroit will always be home of a sort, but I continually find myself exploring new realms. Whether I'm visiting your hometown or our travel paths overlap, I do hope we can set some time aside for each other!

Future tours:

Throughout my life, I've never quite known where I might find myself next, and that has trickled down into my tours. I'm always willing to travel for extended reservations and would love to do some tours abroad - particularly somewhere I might afterward spend an extra few days visiting friends such as those in England, Australia, France or the Netherlands. In the meantime, if you don't see your city on my tour schedule, still feel free to get in touch. Who knows, you might just convince me to stop in your town next ;)

My next tour:

For the near future, I'll largely be hunkered down in Detroit. I'll make a few short jaunts which will mostly land me around the midwest (particularly Cleveland, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Minneapolis).

If you'd like me to come your way for a night or longer, feel free to reach out to see what we can work out. Wherever I end up, be sure to follow my blog (RSS) or my social media accounts to be the first to know.

My current travel plans:

Montréal: January 2nd - 6th

Chicago: January 7th - 9th

DC: January 16th - 19th

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