Longer Engagements:


Novel: an overnight stay;



Sequel: twenty-four hours



Trilogy: a forty-eight hour weekend;


Discworld: a week away from it all


Shorter Engagements:

Poetry: a brief, hour-long stay;


Short Story: a fleshed out ninety minutes;


Novelette: two hours of exposition;


Novella: three hours to whet most appetites;


Appendices: when you need one more chapter

300 per additional hour

Other Engagements:

Fan Fiction: social time out of the home;

250 per hour

Inter-Library Loan: travel within 30 minutes; please add 200

Co-Authorship: sharing with a loved one;

please add 300

Long Distance Engagements:


transportation + engagement

Video chatting;


Handwritten Letters;



Are your eyes weary from browsing the shelves and poring over author after author; are you ready to settle on your next favorite piece of prose? Ever a nomad, I'm bound to eventually wander into your hometown. I am open to all manner of genders, creeds, skin tones, individuals, and couples nothing can keep us apart except hesitation. Whether you are deterred by the fear a new experience or indiscretion, I can assure that after several years as a confidante, easing one out of fears and into felicity is an inherent part of my being. My entire reputation - and, truly, my way of life - is staked upon my ability to keep intimate conversations exactly that.

When home, just outside Detroit near the I-75/I-696 interchange, I have a quiet house in a quiet neighborhood free of nosy neighbors, and while on the road, I enjoy nothing but the comforts of fresh, clean, upscale hotels. Whether local or abroad, you'll enjoy comfort and unparalleled warmth. As a genuine and charismatic companion who is versatile conversationally and open to a myriad of experiences, my whole world can melt away in your unrushed company.

Despite my eagerness to hear from you, please only reach out once you're sure you're ready to indulge, as I do ask that a non-refundable deposit secure our time together. As well, please understand that due to a rather ample social life, last-minute bookings rarely pan out; as such, I strongly encourage arranging time together as early as you know you are able. To help slough off any lingering worries and ensure fulfilled dreams, I do recommend meetings of ninety minutes or longer. Perhaps most importantly, I find it so much easier to slip into the ease of trust when, upon meeting, any and all gifts are placed in an envelope on a countertop.


I’m happy to offer a number of different ways for you to enjoy my company depending on your budget and ability to escape.


I offer a standard slate of durations we can get together for from an hour through to a whole week to luxuriate in each other. If you’re looking for a longer or ongoing arrangement, please get in touch to see what future we can dream together. If you’re more comfortable hosting, I’m happy to come to you for an additional fee.

If you’re on a budget or just looking for someone to hold your arm at your work’s holiday party, I offer social engagements which cover anything in a public setting. You'll find me just as comfortable in shorts and a tank top at a baseball game as you will in a floor-length gown and a fascinator at the opera. I've found equal pleasure in Holst and Sibelius as I have in the Suicide Machines and Bob Dylan. Let's wander through an art museum perusing everything from the color fields of Rothko to the reclaimed portraiture of Kehinde Wiley. Take me to the beach or to the mountaintops, camera in hand. Wrap it up with a picnic, a jazz club, a dive bar, or any of Detroit's endless new restaurants. 

If you’d like to bring me to your city or along with you on your travels, I’m available for any of the standard length of offerings. Let's take a trip somewhere geographical, physical, sensual, or emotional and share life over a rich Bordeaux, Mendozan malbec, or a Marlborough Sounds sauvignon blanc. We can explore by quivering candlelight or just curl up to flickering celluloid. If we can strip each other bare, you can count my freckles while regaling me with the stories behind your scars. I'll raise an extra dirty gin martini in toast to new experiences and unforgettable memories: smiling and laughing and making every delightfully weird noise we can.I'll give you everything I've got if you just take my hand.

If we don’t have the luxury of being geographical neighbors, I also offer long-distance companionship through Zoom video calls or romantic, hand-written letters. Neither of these are designed to be explicit. I am neither offering cam shows nor writing erotica, but if you’re seeking some intimacy and regular companionship from afar, I’m right here.

© 2017 by Addy Finch. All rights reserved
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